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Why Don't you Just Die (TBC)

A Night of the Dead Screening
A splatterpunk action comedy drenched in gleefully dark Russian humour with with ironic asides, shock reversals and tricky non-linear plot swerves.
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Mutant Blast (TBC)

A Night of the Dead Screening
A zombie apocalypse, a fearless soldier, a man with superhuman strength, scientific experiments nuclear weapons and mutations. Fernando Alle's debut feature puts the fun back into zombie movies.
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Harpoon (TBC)

A Night of the Dead Screening
A modern reimagining of an Edgar Allan Poe story, Harpoon is a wickedly humorous and bloody deconstruction of friendship and love.
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Tammy & the T-Rex (Gore Cut) (TBC)

A Night of the Dead Screening
When Tammy’s new boyfriend Michael is attacked by her ex and left in a coma, a mad scientist transplants his brain into an animatronic T-Rex.
Image for Tammy & the T-Rex (Gore Cut)

White Snake (TBC)

Blanca, a shape-shifting snake spirit, awakens in a remote village with no memory of who she is or the powers she possesses.
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Vivarium (TBC)

A gripping dystopian nightmare centring on a young couple who dream of purchasing a first home. Their suburbia takes a sinister turn when Gemma and Tom realise no matter how hard they try to leave, they keep returning to the same place.
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Sci-fi Shorts

From the terrifying to the absurd, this year’s selection of sci-fi shorts questions where technology is leading us.
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The Incredible Shrinking WKND (TBC)

Alba finds herself in a time loop, with each loop getting shorter in this inventive sci-fi debut.
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Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (TBC)

Mashing up 1960s European James Bond knockoffs, ’70s Filipino exploitation cinema, vintage kung fu pics and retro sci-fi TV with a dose of Cold War anxiety and Afrofuturism, this must be seen to be believed.
Image for Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

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