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The Terminator

UK/US, 1984, 107mins, Cert.15
With intro by Dr. Steven Gerrard
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The year is 2029 and the war between the humans and the machines has ravaged the Earth leaving humanity all but wiped out. From this desolate wasteland, two soldiers are sent back in time to Los Angeles, 1984 in order to influence the outcome of a conflict that hasn't yet taken place. One is an unstoppable cyborg assassin, the other a human guerrilla fighter. Serving on opposite sides of the battle, they share the same target: Sarah Connor, an unsuspecting young woman whose unborn child will become the key to saving humankind. 

The dystopian imagery as seen in The Terminator is a key influence on the work of sculptural artist Huma Bhabha, who has selected this film to play alongside a major new outdoor commission for this year’s Yorkshire Sculpture International. 

The screening will also preceded by an introduction by Dr. Steven Gerrard a film historian and Senior Lecturer at the Northern Film School.  


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Hyde Park Picture House

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73 Brudenell Road, Leeds LS6 1JD, UK
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The Picture House has two small steps at the main entrance. Step-free access to the auditorium and foyer is possible via a side entrance. Unfortunately none of the Picture House's toilets are accessible and both via a flight of stairs. The cinema has three wheelchair spaces – to reserve one of these, please select the 'wheelchair space' ticket during checkout.

Refreshment info

The Picture House offers a range of hot and cold drinks, including beers and wines, alongside popcorn, sweets, ice creams (Northern Bloc) and vegan cakes (That Old Chestnut).


All scheduled screenings have now passed.