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Kimuak – Basque Short Films

Spain, 2018, 120mins, Cert.TBC
Plus director Q&A

Film description

The Kimuak Programme, aimed at promoting Basque filmmaking, presents a meticulously chosen selection of the best Basque short films from 2018.

Combining both fiction and documentary, the shorts transport viewers from the Spanish Pyrenees to a desolate village in Lowe Navarre, posing philosophical questions which explore human existence and losing touch with nature.

This *FREE* screening will be followed by a live Q&A with the director of Above 592 Meters (2018), Maddi Barber.

This screening is presented in partnership with Instituto Cervantes Leeds, and made possible thanks to the AECID Film Archive, CinemaAttic Edinburgh and Etxepare Basque Institute.



Above 592 Meters (592 Metroz Goiti, dir. Maddi Barber)

A documentary about the construction of Itoiz Dam on the slopes of the Spanish Pyrenees in the 1990s that flooded seven villages, displacing the residents 592 meters higher up, scarring the landscape and disturbing the relationship between people and their environment.


Mother (Ama, dir. Josu Martinez)

Summer of 1915. In the Baigorri village of Lower Navarre, a woman lives waiting for a letter.


Still Fireflies (Ancora Lucciole, dir. Maria Elorza)

In 1972, in one of his best-known articles, Pier Paolo Pasolini spoke of the disappearance of fireflies. A few months later he was murdered. Since then the fireflies have continued to disappear. But there are still people who remember them.


The Great Expedition (Espedizio Handia, dir. Iban del Campo)

Human beings want to be more than they are, more than stardust.


Kafenio Kastello (dir. Miguel Ángel Jiménez)

The centre of Athens. Surrounded by a world in crisis and generalised destruction, a small group of characters resist the end towards which they seem inevitably to be heading.


Do Not Wake Me Up (No Me Despertéis, dir. Sara Fantova)

Bilbao, 2009. Jone is a teenager in the 4th year of secondary school. In her school there is a strong activist and abertzale (nationalist) atmosphere. When her father takes a political post in the Basque Government, she is faced with the need to have a bodyguard and give up the life they had been living until then.


Waiting (Zain, dir. Pello Gutiérrez)

“Don’t ask me about the hidden reason of all dark things, or where the path of fickle time leads us.”

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