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Happy as Lazzaro

Lazzaro felice
Italy | Switzerland | France | Germany, 2018, 125mins, Cert.12A
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In her third feature Happy as Lazzaro Alice Rohrwacher (Heavenly Body) blends in magical realism with social drama and presents a pastoral fable about an isolated Italian farm Inviolate and its inhabitants – sharecroppers, unaware of their true rights and exploited by a tobacco magnate, Marchesa Alfonsina de Luna (Nicoletta Braschi, Life is Beautiful).

Among them works Lazzaro (Adriano Tardiolo) – a young man with a sweet disposition and an angel-like face who is frequently used for tasks no one else enjoys completing. Lazzaro, however, carries out each request without a single complaint, with a melancholic smile on his lips. One day this affable boy befriends Tancredi, Marchesa’s son, and suddenly becomes a part of his ploy…

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Hyde Park Picture House

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73 Brudenell Road, Leeds LS6 1JD, UK
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The Picture House has two small steps at the main entrance. Step-free access to the auditorium and foyer is possible via a side entrance. Unfortunately none of the Picture House's toilets are accessible and both via a flight of stairs. The cinema has three wheelchair spaces – to reserve one of these, please select the 'wheelchair space' ticket during checkout.

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The Picture House offers a range of hot and cold drinks, including beers and wines, alongside popcorn, sweets, ice creams (Northern Bloc) and vegan cakes (That Old Chestnut).


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