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Creatures of the night

The Evil Dead

US, 1981, 85mins, Cert.18
Halloween Special

Film description

A genuine classic of the horror/comedy genre that fully deserves its reputation as a must-see cult film. A grimy, gore-filled, and blackly hilarious tale of five student friends vacationing in an isolated cabin and the gruesome events that unfold after they inadvertently unleash a horde of evil spirits. Raimi’s seminal horror has been imitated many times, but never bettered,

The Evil Dead was the birth of an independently-spirited, viscerally- minded new wave in low budget horror cinema.

Creatures of the night

Whether you’re a dedicated cinephile, a cultural explorer or a random insomniac, CREATURES OF THE NIGHT is dedicated to screening those truly unforgettable films, from the best new horror to revered and sometimes obscure cult classics, in those most magical of late-night hours.


Sat 27th October

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