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3 Faces

Iran, 2018, 101mins, Cert.15

Film description

Winner of the Best Screenplay Award at last year's Cannes Film Festival, 3 Faces opens with a shocking videotape – Marziyeh Rezaei commits suicide on camera, no longer able to handle her family’s defiance toward her ambition to become an actress. This tape is sent to a famous performer, Behnaz Jafari, who is shaken by the message’s content and immediately undertakes a journey to Marzieyh’s home mountain village together with filmmaker Jafar Panahi. They need to find out the truth – was the tape falsified?  

Internationally acclaimed for his films (The White Balloon, The Mirror), Iranian director and writer Jafar Panahi, although previously arrested on suspicion of anti-regime propaganda and banned from filming, once again produces a film that discusses pressing social and political issues in his home country. 3 Faces takes a particularly close look at the women’s rights in Iran, great flaws of patriarchal society and old-dated superstitions. 

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