Hyde Park Picture House


The Hyde Park Picture House          The "Cosiest in Leeds"

Despite the outbreak of war in August 1914, the Hyde Park Picture House was built and opened ready for business on the 7th November 1914. The pages of the Yorkshire Evening Post were almost enitrely devoted to news of the war but a small advert announced the opening of the new Picture House. It proudly proclaimed itself to be "The Cosiest in Leeds" and to this day this is a title we try our best to live up to.

The first film to be shown at the picture House was Their Only Son, billed as a patriotic drama and was followed the next week by the famous invasion drama An Englishman's House. Although few new cinemas could be built during the war years audiences continued to grow. By September 1914 over 6000 men had enlisted in Leeds and the cinema provided news bulletins, war footage and morale boosting dramas as well as the escapism of lavish productions. In the years to come the cinema would become the highlight of many people's week.

A vibrant heart within the thriving Hyde Park community. Over time it became the backdrop to many little off screen dramas. It was a hot spot for young couples and many a romance blossomed in the back row. The advent of the talkies in the late 20's didn't hurt the stride of the little Picture House in the slightest and a quick conversion to sound was easilly enough achieved but the road was now open for many a new hurdle. The 30's saw the building of several new city centre 'super cinemas' capable of seating up to 3000 people at once.

The 50's saw the development of television. In the 80's it was video, the 90's was the new multiplex surge and the new millenium brought with it DVDs and the full power of the internet. BUT with all these changes the Picture House is all the more able to be a constant, a regular friendly face in an ever changing social landscape.

The Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Limited.

One of the landmark events in the history of the little Picture House happened in 1989 when Leeds City Council stepped in to save it from closure. The Picture House is now owned by Leeds City Council as part of the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Limited. This independent company within the council is dedicated to preserving, and securing the future of three of Leeds most historically and culturally significant venues, the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House, The City Varieties and the Hyde Park Picture House. The Board of Trustees, Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Ltd. The Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity (charity no 500408). It is governed by its memorandum and articles of association. The Board of Trustees comprises five elected members of Leeds City Council, one of whom is Chair of the Board, and four independent trustees.

Cllr Robert (Bob) Gettings
Cllr Gettings is elected member for Morley North, representing the Morley Independent Party. He is also serves on Morley Town Council.Cllr Gettings is a governor of Drighlington Primary School and Bruntcliffe High School.

Cllr Gerry Harper
Cllr Gerry Harper is the elected member for Hyde Park and Woodhouse and is the Deputy Exec Board Member for Development. He is also the Chair of the Leeds City Council Partnership Board, the Markets Champion for Kirkgate Market and a member of the Lord Mayors Charity committee.
Outside of the council he runs the constituency office of Fabian Hamilton MP for Leeds North East. Other interests include, sport, the arts and he is a keen walker, runner and enjoys swimming.

Dr Keith Howard
Keith Howard is Chairman of the Emerald Group, a Bingley company which is the world's leading publisher of management research. He is Chairman of the Opera North Future Fund charged with the task of supporting a range of Opera North initiatives. He is much involved in charity work having been chair of Life Education Bradford for a five year period until 2008 and a patron of Andrea's Gift, a charity devoted to the support of children with brain tumours.

Andrew Macgill
Andrew Macgill is Theatres Director for the Grand Theatre & Opera House Ltd. He has a keen interest in the arts generally and is also Director of Imove Arts Ltd, a company formed following the Cultural Olympiad. Andrew chaired the Programme Board for the regional Cultural Olympiad programme.

Cllr John Procter
Cllr Procter is elected member for Wetherby ward. He is Chief Whip and Executive member for Leisure and is Chair of the Cultural Partnership. He also serves on the Board of Northern Ballet Theatre.

Paul Scholey
Paul Scholey is Senior Partner at Leeds-based law firm Morrish Solicitors LLP. Paul has practised as a Solicitor in Leeds for nearly 25 years, providing advice and representation in the employment & industrial relations field to individuals across a wide range of industries and the professions.
He was Chair of Leeds CAB 2007 – 2012.

Roger Wood
Roger Wood retired as HR Director for an international York based manufacturing company and Non Executive Director for a careers company. Apart from occasional consultancy assignments, he now undertakes wide ranging voluntary work and is employed as a part time guide in a well known stately home in North Yorkshire. Other than his affection for the theatre and the arts in general, he has a keen interest in sport especially in rugby and cricket.

Cllr Lucinda Yeadon Biography
Lucinda has been the Labour councillor for Kirkstall ward since 2008 and is currently Leeds City Council’s Executive Board member for Leisure & Skills, having assumed the role in May 2013.

Previously, Lucinda was from May 2010, the Executive Board Member for Adult Social Care. During her time in this role, Lucinda gained a reputation as a real champion for disability rights, which was underlined by a strong commitment to ensuring Leeds is an accessible city for all.

In her current role, Lucinda is looking forward to the challenge of widening participation and interest in the cultural and leisure offer for all groups in the city, while boosting the opportunities that are currently available for people to learn new skills and access apprenticeships.

Leeds’ art and culture offer is regarded as an essential part of the city’s tourism offer and a key attraction to visitors coming into the city. Performance art is a key part of this offer and Lucinda is keen that the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House as well as the recently refurbished City Varieties Music Hall continue to make a significant contribution to this offer.

As part of her induction to her new role and to get up to speed with everything that is going on at the Grand, Lucinda has agreed to do some volunteering at one of the evening performances of the Hairspray production in August. She is really looking forward to meeting that staff and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the Grand Theatre operates.

Cllr Patrick Davey

Elected member for City & Hunslet since 2002. Currently sits as a Trustee of the West Yorkshire Pension Fund, Board member of the Leeds Learning Disability Partnership Board and Leeds Sports Grant Panel. Outside of the Council has worked in the Financial Services industry for over 25 years. 

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