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They Live

Philosophy & Film | Creatures of the Night | #RFN68
1988. Cert.18. 94mins. USA.
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They Live is a forgotten classic, a politically charged science fiction film which explores how illusions sustain political power. On the anniversary of the May 1968 events, this film (made in 1988) will be shown followed by a discussion of its themes and their relationship to situationism and other currents active in '68.

The discussion will be led by Simon Hewitt, who teaches philosophy at the University of Leeds.


Screening as part of Radical Film Network’s 1968 Festival, a programme of screenings and discussions in collaboration with Film Fringe, which celebrate and reflect on the radical uprisings and revolutionary fervour of the events of 1968.



Whether you’re a dedicated cinephile, a cultural explorer or a random insomniac, Creatures of the Night is dedicated to screening those truly unforgettable films, from the best new horror to revered and sometimes obscure cult classics, in those most magical of late-night hours. 


Philosophy & Film is an ongoing series, held in partnership with the University of Leeds, exploring philosophical themes raised by some of cinema's most intriguing films. Each month we invite an academic philosopher to present a film, which is then followed by a short talk and questions and comments from the audience.