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In the Intense Now

2017. Cert.TBC. 127mins. Brazil.

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Narrated in first person, this immersive and highly personal film tells a story of unrest and revolution around the world, inspired by the excitement and heady idealism of the ‘60s. 

The story of May 1968 is told in essay style: sets of images reveal a partial view of several places. There is incredible, close up footage of the French students' uprising in Paris in May 1968; images captured by amateurs during the invasion of Czechoslovakia in August of the same year; the funerals of students, workers, and police officers killed during the events of 1968 in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Prague, and Rio de Janeiro; and the scenes from amateur tourist films that the director’s mother shot in China in 1966, during the first and most radical stage of the Cultural Revolution. “She had gone to see one thing and wound up seeing another”. 

Salles also reflects on his childhood in Brazil, during the establishment and rule of a repressive military dictatorship.

This screening will be introduced by Stephanie Dennison, professor of Brazilian Studies at the University of Leeds.


Screening as part of Radical Film Network’s 1968 Festival, a programme of screenings and discussions in collaboration with Film Fringe, which celebrate and reflect on the radical uprisings and revolutionary fervour of the events of 1968.



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