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2001: A Space Odyssey

1968. Cert.U. 149mins. UK/USA.
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Heralded in 1968 as the most striking sci-fi film ever, Stanley Kubrick’s epic meditation on human evolution shines brilliantly 50 years on.

The film opens with the discovery of a mysterious monolith by prehistoric, ape-like hominids. The narrative then jumps to the 21st century, when a scientist (William Sylvester) landing on the moon discovers an identical obelisk. Eighteen months later, a pair of astronauts (Dullea and Lockwood) journey to Jupiter in search of the monoliths with the aid of their omnipresent speaking computer, known as HAL 9000 (eerily voiced by Douglas Rain).

Often regarded as a metaphor and moral allegory, Kubrick’s masterpiece is a visual tour de force, with a stunning soundtrack, and is undoubtedly one of most influential movies of the 20th century.